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Pollution in lake Titicaca has been increasing due to overpopulation, lack of environmental education, ignorance of the problem, and indifference by the local authorities and the population. This will bring serious consequences not only for living things like fish, animals, birds and plants that depend on the lake, but also the people who work with agriculture, fishing, farming,, and tourism. More than 4 million people depends on the natural resources of the Lake as well as regional ecosystem.  The protection of the Lake is an urgent and critical issue for Latin America. 

Join our awarding winning Campaign to raise awareness of the importance of protecting the Lake Titicaca, most valuable water resources in Latin America. 

 Since 2015, CLIP has been celebrating World Environment Day, June 5th with various events.

CLIP organizes various projects throughout the year. 

Please join us!

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Conferencia Magistral 2018

Yokoi Kenji 

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Titicaca LIMPIO


"Unidos por el Titicaca

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Unidos por el Titicaca

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