Dream Big

There is an oriental saying that if one dreams alone, this dream remains just a dream, but if thousands share the same dream, this dream will become a reality.  Having an aspiration in life, a goal in life is to make your life worth living.  We have only one life to live. Then why not trying to make our life as meaningful as possible by really sharing an altruistic aspiration for making this world better place to live? 

CLIP leaders are dedicated to make that happen, especially tackling the problem of the pollution of Lake Titicaca, creating award winning social impact campaign "Unidos por el Titicaca" and implementing environmental education in schools. 

We want to change the world staring by transforming ourselves in believing in a Big Dream!

Join us and share a Big Dream with us!

Un buen liderazgo significa establecer metas dignas y satisfacerlas, desafiarnos a nosotros mismos para superar antiguas expectativas con todas las oportunidades disponibles.